Your Life After Addiction


What Would Your Life Look Like After Addiction?

An Important Question To Be Clear On While Recovering From ANY Addiction. I Want You To Have It As A Gift From Me!

This Free Audio will give you a deeper insight into what Life After Addiction can actually look like for you! Deep down inside, we all know there is something better waiting for us. Sometimes, however, we lose sight of this due to addiction. 

As someone who has struggled with addiction, I believe that everyone deserves to live the life that they were meant to live. For this reason, I am gifting this powerful, hypnosis experience. I want you to also have some insight into what living in alignment with your true self might look and feel like!

This Free Hypnosis Audio Is Worth £99!

Moving my practice from Harley Street to online, (because of the lockdown), was a blessing in disguise. Once I stopped paying Harley street rents, I was able to reduce my prices by 40%! Not only was I able to give my existing clients more value for their money, but I also became accessible to clients who would not otherwise be able to afford my services. As a show of my gratitude, I am gifting this ‘Life After Addiction’, hypnosis Audio, absolutely free of charge. 

This Audio Will Springboard You Into Recovery!

Has the real you, become hidden deep within the dis-ease of addiction? Have you lost sight of who you could become and what you could achieve? Do you need something to just ‘click’ inside you, to give you that boost to start a new life? Then this audio is just what you need! 

I hear this all the time from new clients: “I want to quit, I just need something to click in my head. Something that will motivate me not to do my addiction”. I call this ‘springboarding into recovery’, and there is no better springboard than REALLY seeing (and feeling) what’s waiting for you on the other side! Really, what is a craving other than a motivation towards relief or pleasure? Why not use that motivation to move towards something that gives you genuine internal relief and pleasure?

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