How I work

Addressing three key areas of addiction:


The Neurological Wiring Of Cravings:

Cravings are neurological processes that take begin within our brains. These processes lead to homeostatic instability within our mind and body. You might experience this instability as low moods, feelings of emptiness, compulsions, confusion, loss of motivation and focus, hunger, irritability, anxiety, stress and sleeplessness. Your brain causes this to motivate you to act on your addiction because it gives the surges of dopamine produced by your addictive behaviour survival value. This is why it’s so difficult to quit with willpower alone because the part of your brain that is only concerned with survival, will override any conscious decision to quit. This is a disconnection between conscious reasoning and the unconscious mind. Researching this neurological process has greatly shaped how I approach my work, and I am happy to tell you, Cognitive Hypnotherapy is perfect for putting this right. 

The Unconscious Thought Processes That Motivate And Justify Addiction:

While the above wiring is the physical part of the addiction, here we come to the psychological realm. This really is an important part of the process (possibly the most important). No two people experience the exact same problem for the exact same reasons so, this is where the work becomes bespoke and where your recovery really becomes your own. The growth and healing that can take place here is magical and really does deserve to be experienced. This is where Hypnosis, becomes Hypno-therapy.

Life After Addiction Affirmation.

Being clear on why you want to quit and what your life might look like once you do, is an important part of the process. If you have an addiction then your brain will like extra stimulation so what we will do is create a reward system that’s more in alignment with a life that actually moves you. Don’t worry if you don’t know what this might look like to you yet, this is something that usually reveals itself during the work. This part of the work is empowering, a lot of personal development happens here.

These three areas are the crux of addiction. With Hypnotherapy and powerful Neurolinguistic Programming, we give you the best chance of making the change permanent. It might sound like a long process but these are things that can happen in a single session.

How Long Does This All Take?

This is really down to your situation. I have had clients shift a cocaine addiction in as little as two sessions and I have clients who I have worked with on and off for over a year, either on deeper core issues around their addiction or further life coaching to be the best possible versions of themselves. Often, addiction is the symptom of something deeper and if you don’t work on that deeper issue, it would be like patching up a gunshot wound with the bullet still in. can you imagine the problems that will cause later?

There are no magic wands or quick fixes to such deeply engrained problems. If that’s what you are after then I am probably not the right choice for you. As a therapist, I like to work with people who want real change. People who are ready to step to the next level of who they can be. Your process is your process and it must be honoured. Sobriety takes commitment and I am 100% committed to yours. It’s important that you are too. This is why I offer a free consultation to make sure that we are the right fit for each other. If I am going to take a single penny from you, it’s important to me that it was a penny well spent.

What I Charge

£120 per session. 

As a result of the second Covid 19 lockdown and due to no rent relief, I eventually gave my Harley Street practice back to the landlord. This was honestly the best thing I have ever done. For myself and for my clients. I was already seeing all of my clients online by that time and had reduced my prices from £180per session to £120! As a result of this huge reduction in price, I have not only been able to give my clients more value for their money, but also take on clients who would not otherwise be able to afford Harley Street prices. 

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