Hypnotherapy For Cannabis Addiction

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a great approach to tackling cannabis addiction. Cannabis addiction can be a reward (good time) based addiction or one of dependency (escape based). Whatever your personal experience is with it, I believe that the holistic and bespoke nature of Cognitive Hypnotherapy will serve you. Through our work, you will gain a new outlook on cannabis, new beliefs and feelings that will not only make quitting cannabis much easier, it will make it enjoyable. Together we will work towards creating a life free from all the workings (mind, body and identity) of cannabis. As a result, a forward-thinking mindset geared towards creating the life that you may have been missing out on, due to addiction.

Whether you are just tired of paying through the nose for a habit that is giving you nothing in return, or whether you are a smoker who feels like you need to quit because of a negative psychological impact – I can help.

If you are addicted or dependent on cannabis, trying to quit using nothing but will power can be a very difficult process. Almost traumatic. The mood swings, insomnia, physical cravings, etc. It can feel unbearable. Giving up your little friend, your relaxant, your only vice, your master. Most people just give in and accept cannabis as a part of their identity and go the rest of their lives pretending that they love it and paying a weekly subscription to their dealer.

As a 17 year ex-smoker, I am telling you, it doesn’t have to be like that.

With my experience of being an ex-smoker (who really struggled with cannabis), and with my training and experience as a cognitive hypnotherapist, I have created a treatment programme which not only makes the process seem easy, it makes it enjoyable and empowering.

What can you expect?

• Change in unconscious driver beliefs held around cannabis, using powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming and bespoke Hypnotherapy
• Manage cravings and abstinence with a positive mind-set
• Life after recovery, coaching
• Create a powerful shift in awareness focussed on a life free from addiction
• Personalised Hypnotherapy audios included

Cannabis has become so accepted by society lately, hasn’t it? It is widely perceived as harmless and (even if not at their full potential) many people function fine in life while using it. The problems usually become more apparent when you decide it’s time to quit. When this happens, I believe that people actually underestimate the difficulty of quitting this drug. This is because there is a physiological dependence on cannabis as well as a psychological one. The holistic approach to Cognitive Hypnotherapy is very well equipped to address this.

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