Hello, my name is Deniz and I am a Cognitive Hypnotherapist with a special passion for working with addictions. I myself have been through the process of recovering from addiction. This gives me a deeper understanding of how to best utilise Cognitive Hypnotherapy within my work. Not just to give you the best chance of quitting a substance or behaviour, but to also become very clear on why you don’t want it anymore and who you are without it. My Addiction Hypnotherapy & Recovery Coaching program is a bespoke and holistic approach to recovery. Addiction has many moving parts and we will be addressing them all. From the psychological to the somatic and from the conscious to the unconscious.   

I believe that there is huge potential at the intersection of abstinence and sobriety and I prove this to myself and my clients time after time. We all start with abstinence but some of us get stuck there for longer than necessary. I believe that the real magic is in sobriety, so that’s what we shall be heading. Sobriety is living a life free from addiction. Being in alignment with your true essence and on a higher frequency. This is the life after addiction that we want. It can be extremely enlightening and profound and it deserves to be experienced. Don’t just survive recovery, thrive through it.

There are no set scripts or methods in my work. Your experience of addiction reveals the method and your model of the world creates the script.

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