Addiction Hypnotherapy & Recovery Coaching With Deniz Mehmet

Hello, my name is Deniz Mehmet and I am a Cognitive Hypnotherapist with a special passion for working with people who are stuck in addiction. I myself have been through the process of recovering from addiction so I have a fair understanding of how to best utilise Cognitive Hypnotherapy to give you the best chance of not only quitting a substance or behaviour, but to also become very clear on who you are without addiction. Addiction Hypnotherapy & Recovery Coaching truly can be a life changing experience and it deserves to be experienced!  Who you want to work towards becoming?


There are no set scripts or methods in my work. You are the method and your model of the world creates the script. My work is bespoke and tailored to fit your requirements.


I believe that there is huge potential at the intersection of addiction recovery and I prove this to myself and my clients time after time. Life after addiction can be extremely enlightening and profound and it deserves to be experienced. Don’t just survive recovery, thrive through it.


If you would like to find out more about how I can help you, I offer free one hour consultations. We can do this online or 1:1 at my clinic.


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Working wit me & Prices

Finding the right therapist or coach is always going to be a key part of the recovery journey. I like to have a brief consultation first, to see if we are a good fit for each other. These consultations are free of charge, and can be done in my practice, over the phone, or Zoom.

Within the Cognitive Hypnotherapy model, there is no set ‘way’ or ‘method’ of working. Everyone is an individual, and my approach is based around that individuality.

I want my addiction recovery programme to be accessible to everyone. In order to be able to achieve this, I have chosen a ‘sliding-scale’ approach to charging.  The prices below are my standard prices, which work out to £180 per session,. They can fall to as low as £130 per session according to your income, your situation, and length of programme. Contact me for more information on this.


5-6 week programme £540.00. This includes three face to face sessions, some online work, and telephone contact between sessions.

12-14 week programme £1080.00.   This includes 6 face to face sessions, some online work, and telephone contact between sessions. There will also be some powerful coaching work, to get you to the next level of who you can be.

14 weeks + £130.00 per session